In the Heart of Hard

I bit the dust but a whole lot of people picked me up and said get back out there kid.

Here are snippets of very special counsel, resources, and ideas provided that I hope others also find inspiration.

  • “I can tell you that you are 100% not alone and the feeling is totally normal at many different phases. One piece of general advice I wish I had listened to earlier was to understand that there are “seasons” in entrepreneurship. Do not try to fight the season you are in.” Jennifer Christensen, Co-Founder and CMO at Beacon Media + Marketing
  • “I don’t think entrepreneurs who are driven to create what isn’t, are very good at being satisfied with what is. And certainly the passion and persistence needed are at odds with any patience. So, I try to stay focused on the long game of be-do-have rather than the juice of do-have-be.— Ky Holland, Partner at Alyeska Venture Management, Technology Commercial Officer at University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Entrepreneur Ecosystem Builder
  • “The best advice I can give is to have patience and enjoy the journey. Continue to work hard but don’t be disappointed when you don’t reach your goal in a year. Or two years. Or 5 years. Sometimes it takes time. “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ― Nelson Henderson” — Jeff Logan, Engineer, Kilt-Wearer, Mentor and Fellow Birthdate Buddy
  • “One season MUST give way to the next. Winter must give way to spring, spring must give way to summer, summer must give way to fall, and fall must give way to winter…The trick is to not get discouraged in the winter season when all you see is bare limbs looking dead. Take heart honey, your spring is on its way.” Loleen Denney, My childhood hairdresser!
  • Listen to this podcast when you need a pick-me-up: Mark My Words, You Will Remember My Name @Fearlessmotivationofficial
  • “Girl, I left my 6 figure policy job in 2016 — to do something on my own. Took me 3 years to realize it wasn’t what I truly wanted to do. Started over this summer…feeling a combination of guilt, shame, embarrassment, defeat and angst…but something in me tells me this is what I need to and was put here to do. It excites me every morning. Stick with what your soul tells you you were put here for. Worthwhile things take time.” — Fellow Unicorn Mafia Member
  • An AWESOME summary of opportunities missed by Bessemer Venture Partners. They married humor and storytelling to bring total comfort to the topic of failure!



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Meredith C. Noble

Meredith C. Noble


Entrepreneur in training. Remote yet connected in Valdez, Alaska. Train others to be grant writing unicorns. @learngrantwriting